Supporting Camp Indigo

We sincerely appreciate your interest in supporting Camp Indigo.

Consistent support enables us to plan effectively, providing a consistent opportunity for the unique and 100% free experience we offer.

Even the smallest one time donation is a great help in meeting our needs. If you are able, we kindly ask that you prayerfully consider opting in for recurring donations. When making repeated monthly contributions, you become an integral partner in helping us make an impact on the youth that are guests at the camp

Your Donation In Action

When you donate to Camp Indigo, you’re not merely giving – you’re investing in the future of our youth. With your generous assistance, we can continue providing an unforgettable camp experience that fosters lasting memories and deep relationships.

Because the camp is 100% volunteer run, there are no staff salaries. This means you can be assured that every dollar of your donation is directed entirely toward the children and the retreats they will enjoy.

Your contribution helps cover all of the essential aspects that create a unique camp indigo experience, including:

Donate - Camp Indigo


All meals, snacks and desserts that encourage togetherness and fuel meaningful activities.

Donate - Camp Indigo


 Comfortable accommodations that offer a safe haven for personal growth and new friendships.

Donate - Camp Indigo

Recreation Activities

Engaging in adventures that cultivate teamwork, confidence, and cherished memories.

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Worship & Teaching

All audio and visual equipment for worship and teaching. Helping our group leaders to inspire our youth to passionately follow Christ.

Thank you again for supporting Camp Indigo!

* If you are able, please consider opting in for recurring donations, by checking the “Make this donation monthly” box below.