September 23rd, 2021
✨🙏🏻 Time for a little praise: A couple of weeks back we posted a plea for help. Someone is generously donating a storage container (!!!). There were some challenges though because A- It is located on Long Island, B- It is located at the bottom of a steep hill and C- It is longer than a standard 40ft which requires special transport. Well, a friend at Barker Materials is offering his team’s equipment and expertise AT NO COST to bring it up to the road where a heavy equipment trucking company will be loading it onto a flatbed to bring it up to Pitcher next week! More info on this storage container to come once everything is in place ☺️#OnHisTime #Hemakesaway

Lots going on, so this post is a little late. Thanks again AJ and Nicole for coming up and stringing the lights!